• The 学校发展辅导计划 of Syosset secondary schools is a comprehensive 计划 of academic, 职业与个人发展. It is an integral part of the total school program and supports the goals established for all students.

    The Syosset School Counseling Program emphasizes the relationship between student and counselor. 这是一个项目成功的关键. 通过一系列连续和发展的活动, the counselor ensures that he/she is meaningfully involved with each student during each year of the secondary school experience. 这样,学生就处于学习的最佳位置, 计划, and make positive decisions with the ongoing support and assistance of a counselor that knows him/her well.

    全面的成功不可或缺, developmental program is a team approach that requires the cooperation and involvement of 父母, 工作人员, 和社区组织.

    职业教育是学校发展咨询计划的重要组成部分. 这对所有学生都很重要, 父母, staff and community members to know that Syosset High School offers a wide variety of vocational education programs without regard to sex, 比赛, color, 国籍或残疾. 欲了解更多信息,请联系您孩子的辅导员.

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